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Applications For Synthetic Turf Roseville CA


A historical look at the application of synthetic or artificial turf shows that during its early days it primarily existed for use in sports stadia. This limitation was primarily because of its cost, scarcity, and the notion that synthetic turf was not suitable for anything that was not sports-related.

In recent times, the misconceptions and limitations over its use have changed. Today synthetic turf has emerged as a viable alternative to natural grass. Its application has branched into many areas.

Home & Residential Use

Synthetic grass provides you with the perfect way of landscaping your property. Available in different styles and lengths, it closely resembles the appearance of lush, natural green grass, without requiring rigorous maintenance demanded by natural grass. From private landscaping to office carpeting and patio yards, synthetic grass is very versatile in its use.

Artificial grass is also perfect for beautifying areas around the swimming pool since it doesn’t get muddy or soggy and drains/dries quickly. Among the many benefits of synthetic grass is that it can be installed in small and relatively inaccessible areas which generally receive no direct sunlight such as balconies.

Kids Playgrounds

Although what comes to the mind when we think of synthetic turf are the evenly shaped expanses found in athletics or football stadia, these products can also be used in irregularly shaped and smaller areas such as a playground. Synthetic turf is particularly handy for use in areas that experience lots of human traffic. It can handle the constant friction caused by running, jumping, sliding and playing children. Additionally, artificial grass doesn’t support obnoxious or potentially dangerous insect populations.

Golf Courses

Synthetic turfs are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in places with harsh climatic conditions of low rainfall and high temps such Texas, California, and Florida where there is a large demand for a sport like golf. Many designers of mini-golf course are using fake grass towards cutting down on maintenance costs and needs.

Sports Stadia

The original ‘Astroturf’ products were specifically designed for use in stadia and are still predominantly used in sports stadia, although under different brand names. Because artificial turf can be made into nearly any color, it makes creating visual boundaries or dynamic designs easy. Collegiate sports and NFL teams like using artificial grass because it’s not only durable and consistent but it can also be applied in large-scale logos. Artificial grass is also useful when it comes to cutting down on injuries.

Dog Parks & Pet Turf

Synthetic turf is great for pet areas and dog parks as you can clean it easily. Besides, it doesn’t provide a haven for bacteria to thrive. City parks and many pet owners are turning to artificial grass for those very reasons. It is sturdy enough to withstand even the most energetic of dogs and is resistant to pawing and scratching. It drains well, a welcome solution for mud and puddles.


Because of its strength and durability, artificial turf can be used in spaces that experience high traffic both outdoor and indoor. It’s an affordable alternative to natural grass, easy to clean while at the same time keeping the natural look of your space. With virtually zero maintenance there is no good reason why you should not consider using synthetic turf for your application.

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