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It can be said that bathrooms are one of the wettest parts of the house. You have spills from bathtubs, wet hands and feet, steam from showers, spilled toothpaste, and even overflows and leaks from the various fixtures. It can get pretty wet in the bathroom! This means that you need a flouring that can stand up to moisture and even standing water that would damage any other types of flooring. Having the right type of flooring for your Chico bathroom is important, so let’s go over the best types of flooring you can use.

The first thing to consider are the flooring types and options that we shouldn’t be using. Mainly, any sort of wood flooring which includes solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminated wood. Likewise, any sort of carpeting of fabric is not going to work. Overall, tile will be your best bet with a few exceptions.

Vinyl tile may not be the first type of tile that comes to mind when thinking of tiling options. However, vinyl has some distinct advantages. Vinyl is cheaper than many other tiling options. It also is durable, and can simulate the texture and feel of real materials. Likewise, it can be easily removed upon tiring of the look or desiring to remodel the entire bathroom.

Ridged core is a sort of cousin to normal vinyl flooring. Ridged core is also known as vinyl composite core depending on the brand. It combines features of vinyl and laminate. Ridged core flooring is sold in planks that snap together with a system of joints that function like typical laminate flooring. However, it is made from a type of material called vinyl composite that is water resistant, which is a key factor for bathroom flooring. It’s also great because of it’s modular nature allowing for it to be easily installed and removed when it comes time for a remodeling. Likewise, you can combine different colored tiles to create different patterns, allowing for an endless amount of decorating options.

Another great choice for bathroom flooring in Chico is engineered tile, sometimes called engineered stone tile. Engineered tile is tile made from a stone composite. Stones are crushed and mixed with either polymer resin or cement to form the composite. Engineered tile has a wide range of benefits. It retains heat better than stone or concrete flooring does, allowing for more warmth in the winter. It also is able to be laid on surfaces that may be uneven without cracking, and can take items being dropped on them without cracking or breaking. Engineered tile is fast to install and requires very little maintenance.

There are other types of flooring that can be used in bathrooms, such as ceramic, porcelain, concrete and natural stone. All of these are viable options, though they all have the drawbacks that using engineered stone tiles allows you to bypass. Natural stone and concrete are expensive to install, hard on feet, and do not allow for you to remodel as easy once they are installed. Ceramic and porcelain are also expensive, and are very fragile materials that require some amount of maintenance.

With all of that being said, you should now have enough knowledge to choose the right flooring options for your needs!

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