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Everybody wants a bathroom that reflects their personal style and yet one that delivers the comfort and functionality expected of that space. This means having the right amenities and fixtures that not only function efficiently but which also offer value. The best chance of introducing what could be lacking in your bathroom is during a remodel.

In a bathroom, detail matters very much. Here we look at some areas that you could focus on as you renovate or remodel your bathroom.

Go for Small, Textured Tiles

During a bathroom remodel you have endless options for the flooring and tiles but your prime concern should be the safety of the bathroom floor. Choose small and textured shower tiles for your bathroom remodel. The texture plus the extra grouting of these tiles keep the feet from slipping when the bathroom floor gets wet and soapy.

Most bathroom tiles today are easy to clean. They use grouts designed to resist humidity, mold, and stains. For an easy-care bathroom floor choose glazed or porcelain tiles. Avoid porous natural stone tiles such as limestone when remodeling your bathroom.

Update Fixtures and Cabinets

Bathroom renovations are your best chance of introducing improvements and updates that will serve you and your family better for many years ahead. It gives you the chance of looking at the little details. Besides the lighting, you can update bathroom fixtures such as towel racks, drawer pulls, and sink faucets for that modern and sleek look. These may seem like insignificant items, but when you update them it could make a big difference in the look and functionality of your bathroom.

If you want more storage space, consider upgrading to recessed medicine cabinet installed above your bathroom vanity. When it’s installed a couple of inches inside the wall, it comes out looking sleek and very modern.

Lighting Design

For an elegant bathroom look, you’ll never go wrong by installing luxurious and sufficient lighting. Well-designed vanity lighting will help in eliminating unwanted shadows on faces. A strategic combination of wall sconces over the bathroom mirror and LED recessed lights is also an excellent idea. If it becomes too bright, you can always install dimmer switches.

Overhead lighting in a bathroom is very important just as is perimeter lighting. That will not only offer useful light but also create a soft, ambient glow in the bathroom. Also, consider installing pendant lighting as it allows light to scatter into many directions giving the illusion of a beautifully-designed centerpiece ceiling.

Let In More Light

Your bathroom will look larger with brighter natural light. If you’re remodeling and upgrading your bathroom, it may be time to get rid of those dark, shadowy spaces by letting in more light. More natural lighting will showcase your remodel more beautifully. There are three possible ways of adding to a brighter bathroom: more skylights/windows, using lighting to accentuate different aspects of your bathroom, and choosing surfaces/finishes that reflect light.

The goal of a bathroom remodel should be to make it more functional, efficient, and certainly more stylish. Moreover, a bathroom remodel forms an element of home improvement that adds value to your property.

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