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Whither you’re remodeling you bathroom, repairing mold damage, or just giving the washroom a fresh new look, you will have to paint your bathroom at some point. It isn’t a stretch to say that perhaps the hardest part of painting a bathroom is actually choosing the paint colors, and even what type of paint. It can be a tricky process, so let’s go over how you can choose the right type of paint for your bathroom.

One of the main issues when choosing a color of paint for your bathroom, is that the lighting in the bathroom is probably going to be artificial most of the time. This can fool you into choosing colors using paint cards at a store, only to find the colors drastically different from what you originally thought they would look. One of the best ways to get around this hurdle is to bring the paint cards home with you and see how they look in the lighting that the bathroom will be using. This way, you get an accurate idea of how it will look once you put it up.

Another great way to choose paint for your bathroom is by matching the paint color to the shade of the tiles or whatever flooring option you have in your

Choosing Bathroom Paint Roseville CA

bathroom. Tiles come in many different color choices, in addition to flooring types like wood and stone. Bluish tinted flooring would benefit from blue shades, wood and brown tiles or stone would pair well with tan and peach. There are many shades and hues to choose from when using this trick, so have fun and be creative.

One obvious aspect of a bathroom is that they’re wet and prone to needing frequent cleaning. It’s for this reason that you should keep in mind that certain types of paint may be easier to clean than others. Some types, like latex, can be smudged by water. For the best results, you should use a paint that is specially made and formulated for usage in a bathroom rather than paints meant for kitchens or living spaces.

If you are choosing a paint in preparation for a remodeling of your bathroom, it may be wise to plan the fixtures around the paint color you want, rather then choosing paint based around the fixtures. It will all depend on what you prioritize in your new bathroom, but trying to coordinate around the paint color you want may end up being easier to do.

Lastly, you can check out sites that home professionals upload pictures of their work to, like Houzz. If there is a particular shade or type of paint that these professionals tend to use, it may very well be because it’s a paint that works well in bathrooms with artificial lighting.

Always keep in mind that unlike flooring and other fixtures, changing paint colors isn’t too hard or costly of a job. Keep in mind to have fun and be yourself when choosing a paint color. You can always change it later if you find out it doesn’t work for you.

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