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Today there are plenty of artificial grass suppliers both online and in brick and mortar outlets. Choosing between very similar products can be quite challenging. However, as we all know, not everything that glitters is gold and you need to choose your products wisely. This is because there are numerous types of artificial grass designed for different applications.

When choosing your artificial grass product, money should not be the only consideration. After all, you will be making a major investment and prudence is a must. Here are several factors to consider as you make your buying decision.

Features of Synthetic Grass

The artificial grass fabric is man-made. The synthetic turf is composed of multiple strands of hardwearing, thin plastic tufts woven through a latex backing. The latex backing comes pre-punched so that water drains through into the ground underneath. These are the perforations which prevent surface water build-up on your artificial grass.

As you would be expected, artificial grass doesn’t feel like natural grass, although it cannot be described as being unpleasant at all. The tufts may not feel as soft as the natural thing, but it certainly feels nice to walk on it when bare.

Product Quality

Good quality artificial turf is usually made of polyamide, polypropylene, polyethylene yarns or a blend of the three. Additionally, quality turf products are evenly backed, consistent in color and have well-stitched tufts. For a quality product, expect to pay more.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the infill, available in several variants. Depending on your specific system, the infill granulate will be made up of different materials such as quartz sand or elastic-plastic granules.


Usage is a vital consideration when choosing your product. How often are you going to be using the new synthetic grass lawn or yard? How many feet or pet paws are likely to be treading across the synthetic surface daily? If you pick a turf product that not been designed for heavy use, your investment could get worn out rather fast.

The Color

This is an aspect that cannot be overlooked. While it can be very tempting to pick a product that looks really green, be cautious. Once installed, that green could end up sticking out like a sore thumb. Besides, nearly all those super green products tend to be also cheap and you will have issues about durability in the long run.

It’s safer to go for a product with varying shades of green. Dark green, lime green and olive green mixed together offer a look that is more lush and natural. If possible, go for a product that’s not completely uniform as it adds to curb appeal. You may want to consider a product that also contains a couple of brown flecks.


When shopping for your artificial grass products, don’t shy away from asking for samples, especially when buying online. It is important to experience the item first hand before you begin thinking of installing. This is something you need to not just see but touch before you make the final purchase decision.

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