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Granite counter-tops are one of the most requested features that homeowners ask for. Since the 80’s, they’ve been a sort of fashion statement for homeowners. However, they also have many great benefits beyond just being pretty. They also have some drawbacks, which leads us to the question, are granite counter-tops a good choice for Roseville homeowners?

Granite counter-tops are extremely durable and easy to repair. They’re so hard and durable, that you can cut vegetables or fruit on them. While the knife will be dulled from the hardness of the counter-tops, the granite will most likely not be scratched. A huge benefit of using granite over other materials is that it will not be easily damaged by normal everyday cooking tools and accidents. Granite is also heat resistant, and you can lay hot pots and pans on the counter-tops without scorching, bubbling, or leaving any marks.

Granite counter-tops are also great for decorating with. You can easily integrate them into your existing kitchen design due to the wide variety of

Granite Countertops Roseville CA

colors and shades that they are sold in. Many homeowners have even based remodels of their kitchens and bathrooms around the granite they chose. How you decide to integrate granite into your kitchen or bathroom is up to you making use of granite’s versatility.

One of the main issues that granite has is that it needs some infrequent maintenance work done on it. Granite is a porous material that easily stains. For this reason, granite counter-tops are treated and sealed once installed. However, they have to be resealed every 10 years to preserve their durability. Even while sealed, they can stain from certain liquids such as permanent marker ink and juices. However, this can be cleaned and repaired with some easy to find tools.

Installing granite counter-tops can be done on your own. However, it’s a much better idea to hire a professional in most cases. Professional granite counter-top installers will have a much better idea of how to handle the granite and also how to seal the granite for the best results.

Another great advantage is that granite counter-tops will make it easier to sell your home if you do expect to move at some point. Granite can even sometimes boost the value of your home. While it’s not always the case, granite installations can be thought of as a good investment for the future.

Is granite better than other materials for use as counter-tops? It has it’s pros and cons, and can actually be a poor fit for some situations. While durable and easy enough to repair, it still does take more maintenance and care than other types of material. If you have small children, lead a very fast paced lifestyle, or tend to be prone to spilling food and drinks it isn’t the best choice for a counter.

In general, granite makes for a great counter-top that will impress any visitors and will leave you feeling like your kitchen is inspiring and special. However, you do need to take care of it and do some minor maintenance. Consider installing granite in your home today.

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