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A well-laid guest room is a great way of welcoming friends and family into your home. If you regularly host guests in your house or are planning to invite some, it may be a good idea to consider remodeling or renovating your guest room. To make the space more welcoming and appealing, here are several ideas that you may want to put into action for that inviting guest room.

Make a Statement

Simply because you don’t sleep there every night, it doesn’t mean the guest room shouldn’t be comfortable and up to date in terms of design. On the contrary, go bold and let it stand out. For example, consider installing wall art, a statement headboard, or built-in lighting for a truly stylish aesthetic look.

Revitalize Walls and Flooring

In the guest room, stained walls and a dilapidated carpet must go. Painting the walls is an easy and inexpensive remodeling strategy, yet it instantly creates a fresh atmosphere; your guests, whether family or friends will appreciate it.

Is the floor worn out or the carpet stained? If so, consider replacing the flooring with a new one. If you have old hardwood flooring, a new rug will make the place more comfortable for your visitors. A new carpeting style will entirely change the look of your guest room.

Keep the Décor Simple

Keep the decor of your guest room simple while at the same time introducing texture. For example, by mixing patterns, it’s still possible to make the place feel warm for guests…without trinkets scattered everywhere. This will mean first minimizing the clutter – your guests will love a clean space. Keep things in your guest room streamlined and try bringing in darker colors for that sense of coziness.

Infuse Some Color

Just because it’s a small or perhaps rarely used space, the guest room should not be denied a splash of color. Adopt the same approach when decorating the guest room just like you do for the master bedroom. Your guests will love a cheerful and playful room rich in colors that are both rejuvenating and inviting as it invokes a holiday mood.

Bathroom Access

Your guest room will feel more comfortable when visitors can easily access the things they require during their entire stay. For instance, do they have to walk down the long hallway to access the bathroom? A conveniently located guest bathroom is something you should consider. Even adding half a bathroom brings the much-needed convenience.

A guest room bathroom is particularly a good idea if you frequently receive houseguests. A private bath is a convenience that guests will appreciate, and it also helps in cutting down on crowding when visitors come visiting.

Homeowners generally spend lots of time on kitchen, living rooms, and bathroom remodels with the guest rooms often being neglected spaces. You should never underestimate the impact of a comfortable space for your house guests. The goal of your guest room renovation should be to make it comfortable, inviting, and functional because their joy should be your joy too.

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