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With the concept of working from home gaining increasing popularity, the convenience that comes with having a home office has made its way on to the wishlist of many homeowners. If you normally spend lots of time working in your home office, then it’s probably time for a remodel or upgrade.

To a large extent, your immediate work environment directly impacts on your output and productivity, and certainly, it impacts your creativity. That is why you need to redesign and renovate your home office so that it reflects your personality, one that plays to your unique strengths.

Go for What Inspires You

For many families, the home office plays a broad range of roles. If you are a person who works 9-to-5 from home, then it’s your place of business while for others, it’s just a place that’s used to sort mail and pay bills. When thinking of decorating or renovating your home office, think in terms of an environment that inspires you. It should be not only be motivational but functional too.

Balancing aesthetics, comfort, and functionality is sometimes a challenge, but you need to carefully weigh the importance of each aspect and prioritize them accordingly as you renovate.

Re-Organize Strategically

In most cases, the space available in your home office is limited. Make the most of it by installing built-in shelves. Overhead bins and custom shelving are excellent for maximizing your storage space, especially in a smaller home office. If you find that conventional cabinet doors are taking up too much room as they open, go for sliding doors instead. Table trays and pedestals also work well when you want to organize things around the office and increase work surfaces.

Designate specific areas within your home office for your computers, a books reference area, a supplies/stationery area, and a nook for all other office paraphernalia.

The Lighting

While having desk lamps is expected, thinking outside the box could make the difference in your home office, giving the wow factor. Consider installing recessed LED lighting in your home office to illuminate the space with a soft glow.

Get Right Furniture

If you lack a budget for upgrading the entire office, consider starting with your chair. Considering that you probably spend countless hours sitting on this chair, ensure that you have lumbar support, a comfortable cushion, and if possible, the ability to swivel and roll. This will enable you to easily reach items without straining. If you expect the home office to get clients, ensure it has ample and comfortable seating options conducive to holding productive meetings.

Scale Down Equipment

Replace outdated or large unnecessary equipment with more sleek and compact versions that serve you just as well, if not better. Oversized fax machines and printers can be swapped for smaller multi-purpose machines that serve several functions.

Finally, spare some time to customize your home office with plenty of items that inspire or motivate you. This can be interesting knickknacks or family photos. If your home office clutter contributes to your creativity, instead of getting rid of it, just conceal it smartly.

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