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Granite counter-tops have recently become a popular feature that homeowners and folks in the market for a new home are looking for more than other features in a prospective house. Granite counter-tops are one of the most requested features in our modern housing market. Why are they so popular in Chico, and why should you consider adding granite counter-tops to your home?

Granite counter-tops hadn’t always been a popular fixture in American homes. In the 80’s and 90’s it was an expensive and somewhat unpopular type of material for counter-tops. This is mostly because it was imported from Italy, and took a lot of time to process and ship to North America. However, during the housing market boom of the 2000’s, Brazil and China began mining and processing granite for use as counter-tops. This led to it becoming cheaper to acquire, while it’s former status as an expensive import led many homeowners and buyers to requesting it as a main feature of the house.

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This leads us to why you would actually want granite counter-tops in your Chico home. The first reason being why they became so popular in the first place, which is the natural beauty that they exude. They radiate elegance and a sense of classic design aesthetics that give an air of sophistication to the kitchen or bathroom they’re installed in. Likewise, because they come in 20 different shades, they’re easy to integrate into an existing design, and can also be easily repurposed into a remodeling project.

Granite counter-tops are also very strong, and are extremely resistant to chipping and scratching. This makes them perfect for kitchens where work with sharp tools like knives and cleavers is common. It’s also very heat resistant, which means that it won’t be damaged by hot food, stoves, toasters, or blow-dryers.

When properly sealed, granite counter-tops are resistant to staining and absorbing bacteria. However, poorly sealed granite is porous, and will absorb liquids easily. This means that it can be stained or even absorb dangerous bacteria. It’s for this reason that hiring a trained professional to install and seal the granite counter-tops is very important when considering installing them.

Another great thing about granite counter-tops is that they are low maintenance. They only need to be resealed every 10 years, if not longer. Likewise, the resealing process is something that most homeowners can do on their own in an single weekend afternoon. Stains are tedious, but are removable with the right tools. Likewise, chips, cracks, and scratches are rare, but when they do happen they can be fixed easily either by the homeowner or the granite supplier.

Granite counter-tops are a stylish and smart choice for homeowners who have the ability to take the time to properly maintain the counter-tops. They are easy to decorate with and also easy to plan the design of a kitchen around thanks to the many colors they are sold in. Granite has come down in price over the years, and is more available than ever. Installing granite can even add to the value of your home and increase the attractiveness to potential buyers. Now is a better time than ever to install granite in your home.

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