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A professionally installed synthetic turf on your lawn can serve you for up to 20 years or more. This alone underscores why working with a professional might be an excellent idea. Besides, most artificial turf installation companies typically offer some kind of warranty. Although you might never need to use their professional services, it’s good to know that there is someone you can call in case you encounter problems with your synthetic lawn during the warranty period.

When working with an artificial turf professional, they can help you in creating a design with the least number of seams, an important aspect as it makes your space look more realistic. Besides that, the task of making synthetic grass seams is best left to the pros because if not seamed well, they will show.

DIY Installation

When properly done, artificial grass can lead to a beautiful, yet low maintenance space that will serve you for decades. The first step in a Do-It-Yourself project is to prepare the site. This entails the removal of any weeds down to their roots. This also includes removing the soil’s top layer in case you are planning on laying the synthetic turf over dirt.

A key aspect is drainage. If your natural landscape facilitates sufficient draining, then you are good to go. If it doesn’t, you will have to install a drainage system. Also, install a barrier to help in keeping the synthetic grass from slumping.

The next step involves installing the base material. This, depending on your unique environment, can vary. After grading the base, it needs slight wetting to prepare for compaction. Start to unfurl the synthetic lawn as the base dries as this allows it to easily reshape itself “naturally”. The final step is the installation. The most critical aspect at this stage is to stretch the turf, not drag it over your base as this helps in preventing any rough edges while keeping the surface smooth.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To maximize on your synthetic grass and ensure it gives you long service, it needs good aftercare and maintenance. Among the many beauties of installing artificial grass is that it’s literally maintenance-free. This product requires no watering, mowing, or fertilizers. It does, however, require some cleaning because it gets exposed to outside elements such as dust getting in between the grass blades.

If you decide to clean your artificial grass, you may want to do so using an environmentally friendly detergent that has been mixed with lots of warm water. You might also want to wash it if you have pets that use the lawn to do their private business or children who play on it.


The good thing is that synthetic grass doesn’t demand as much care and maintenance as natural grass, which saves you both time and money. Maintaining artificial grass is simple because all that is needed is the regular removal of any debris such as leaves or organic matter, and sweeping the grass using a sturdy broom. When you leave organic matter behind, it decomposes to create soil, allowing the growth of weeds and moss. This will affect the appearance of your space.

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