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A room addition is a structure added to a house to offer extra space. It can be used as a bedroom, bathroom or other family use. Sometimes, a room addition may mean expanding the size of an existing room in the house.

Room additions can range from simple single-room projects, to low-cost DIY sunrooms that only minimally add to the main house space. Most homeowners prefer adding a single room; others opt to convert an existing space into a living room, while others go for a floor addition or a bump-out.

More versions of room additions include the following:

Garage/Attic Conversions

If the weather in your location allows it, you could put your attached garage to better use. Garage conversions are considered legitimate room additions as they add space to the family living space. In fact, it’s very tempting to convert a garage into a living space because it’s affordable and easy to do so.

To begin with, the basic structure of the foundation, walls, a roof, and concrete flooring are already there. Besides, several of the elements you will need in a living space such as windows and electricity are already in place or at least partially. You may, however, need a bit of modification to make your new addition fully habitable such as installing air conditioning, boosting the plumbing and increasing the number of electrical outlets.

If all the space in your house has been taken up or you simply need an extra guest room, consider using the attic. This is relatively easy to transform into an additional room with just a bit of renovating.

Adding a 2nd Floor

When space to expand vertically is lacking, you may want to think of moving up. A 2nd floor addition may a good move if your house is on a small lot, yet you need additional living space. Although adding an extra floor may be a big project, it will definitely give you more rooms, adding lots of square footage. Another option is to limit the room addition to cover only the garage or part of the house. Your house or garage must, however, be structurally strong to hold an extra storey.

Final Considerations

Additions come in all sizes and shapes. They can also be made in any direction. It is important, however, to consider the design and purpose of the new room so that it fits seamlessly with the old house. In this regard, placement is a critical consideration as you plan for an addition.

Adding a room onto the back preserves the house’s public façade, thereby maintaining its character and that of the neighborhood. Although the specific materials that you use may be new and perhaps different in their specific details, respecting their original proportions helps in avoiding upsetting the character of the house.

The cost of a room addition will depend on exactly what you want to achieve but it definitely is a worthy investment. A room addition not only adds more living space for your family but it also greatly boosts the value of your home.

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