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Sometimes you just can’t expect certain things. When you bought your house a few years ago, maybe you didn’t have as many kids in tow. Perhaps you hadn’t expected the need to move in a parent or grand parent to your home. Maybe a new hobby or home business has given rise to the desire for a little extra space. Whatever the reason may be, a room addition is a distinct possibility for people who need more space but don’t want to find a bigger home. What are the benefits of a room addition? What is the typical costs of one, and is there anything you should know before you jump into a new room addition project?

One major benefit to a room addition is that you can add on to your house in the case that your home is one that you already love. You may also just not want to deal with the hassle of house hunting and moving just to get a little more living space. Another benefit is that, even if you do move to a new home, you may have to still do renovations or remodeling to get the room that you want or need. Meanwhile, by doing a room addition you can ensure you get the room how you want it without the additional hassle of moving.

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Cost is a major factor, and depending on home prices in your area, can be much less than a new home or perhaps far more costly than moving. The national average for a room addition is a little over $43,000. Low end room additions can range between $2000-$5000 while a higher end addition can cost as much as $120,000. All of this is dependent on where you live, the size and scope of the room addition, and if any other work has to be done to the home to prepare it for the addition.

One of the major things you should consider doing before starting on the project is consulting with an architect. An architect can figure out what sort of work will have to be done to start the project, how to integrate the addition seamlessly into the existing style of the house, and what the total costs will most likely be for the project as a whole. While some contractors may employ architects, it’s always best to consult an private architect in order to get the best advice possible.

You should also make sure you have the appropriate permits and approvals from any state, county, or city governance that apply. Likewise, you should check in with any homeowners associations in the case that they have governance over your neighborhood to avoid any fines or even being forced to tear down the room addition.

Lastly, you should decide if you need to addition built onto the house or if you can actually make usage of various pre-fabricated options to build the room outside of your house. For example, you may consider using a pre-fabricated shed or room as an office, hobby room, or library over building onto the house for such a room.

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