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Of all the major considerations you need to make for your new bathroom, perhaps nothing is more important than deciding whether to install a shower or a tub or even both. A Shower/tub combination is most ideal but in most cases, the size of the bathroom and the available resources may force you to choose one over the other.

Space and Installation Considerations

The average bathroom in a home is 40 sq-ft and a standard bathtub measures 15 sq-ft. Bathrooms generally see lots of daily activity, and if you have a cramped space, it becomes stressful. If yours is a small bathroom, a walk-in shower might be the most ideal choice because on average, a shower takes up just 12 sq-ft of your bathroom floor space.

In terms of ease-of-installation, it will depend on the choices you make. Generally, installing a standard tub will be more challenging and demanding compared to a standard shower. Remember, however, that customization is possible to meet your space needs and budget.

Water and Energy Consumption

The efficient showerheads available today will help you save money on the water bill. With a standard low-flow showerhead, you will be using 2.1 gallons of water each minute, amounting to about 17 gallons when taking an average 8-minute shower. A bathtub consumes anywhere between 25 and 40 gallons of water when using a standard tub or a massive 80-100 gallons for a whirlpool tub. This also means that when you keep your showers shorter, you not only save more water but your overall water bill will also be generally lower compared to a full bath.

Bathroom Users

Busy, young couples may choose walk-in showers rather than tubs. The same applies to many disabled or elderly individuals as walk-ins are certainly easier to use in terms of getting into and out of. A shower would, however, be challenging if you have toddlers or babies. If you have a young family or planning to start a family, at least having one tub is recommended. Running a hot water tub and bathing may not be as quick as taking a shower. If you are leading a busy life, a shower may be a better option as you can quickly hop in and out, saving lots of time.

House Resale Value

In most homes today, the shower is used more often than the bathtub. This trend has led to most homeowners getting rid of the traditional tub completely and instead, installing stand up, spacious shower stalls. It is estimated that 51% of home buyers are not impressed by a house whose master bathroom only has a shower stall, preferring a full bathroom. A “full bathroom” is taken to mean one with a tub and shower. It’s known to attract more buyers both married and single as well as parents with children or expecting them.

But the reality is that most of our bathrooms can’t reasonably accommodate both a shower and a tub and sometimes even our budgets won’t permit such expenditure. If your budget and bathroom space allows, why not get both, effectively getting the best of both?

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