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Okay, we get it: the name is literally “Carpet One.” If anything, that makes it sound like there’s just one type of carpet, let alone tons of different flooring styles. However, the good news is that Carpet One has one of the largest selections of hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, and rugs in the world. So if you’re looking for the best flooring company in the Roseville or Chico, California area, the smart choice is to head over to your local Carpet One showroom. Keep reading to learn about Carpet One’s evolution as a flooring company and the facets of their business that set them above other carpet, hardwood, or tile providers in California.


Carpet One was founded in 1985 and grew steadily over the years with independently owned and operated locations all over the globe. In those early years, the name Carpet One was fitting – everyone wanted carpet in their homes! However, I think we can agree that’s no longer the case. Today, the hot flooring trends are tile and hardwood – options that are durable, easy to care for, and look fantastic.


Carpet One has been right there on the forefront of these flooring trends, adopting the latest and greatest styles and brands. Now, Carpet One locations are full-service home improvement hubs where you can find practically any type of flooring. The flooring company is also a Nest Pro partner, so while you’re having fresh flooring installed at your home, those same skilled installers can also give your thermostat a smart upgrade!



One thing that you won’t find with any other flooring companies is The Beautiful Guarantee. Carpet One is so confident that you’ll love the flooring that if you’re not happy with it for any reason, they’ll replace it for free. You can get a different style or color and have it installed at no extra cost. The Beautiful Guarantee comes with any flooring product carrying a Titanium, Platinum, or Gold SelectAFloor™ warranty.


If you’re looking for top-quality brands like Lees®, VERŌSTONE™, Tigressa®, Voyager™, Bigelow®, Resista® Soft Style, Rustic River™ Hardwood, Invincible™ Hardwood & LVT, Earthscapes™ and Laminate for Life™, then Carpet One is where you’ll want to go. If a brand doesn’t meet their standards for performance and comfort, Carpet One won’t sell it.


The quality of the product you purchase is only half of the puzzle. You also need a skilled professional who can put care into making sure your flooring is installed correctly and looks amazing. Because of Carpet One’s Beautiful Guarantee, they don’t take any chances. They only employ flooring professionals who excel at their jobs and care about the finished product.

In short, there’s no better place to go if you want high-quality, beautiful flooring for your home. You can stop by the Roseville or Chico Carpet One locations seven days a week, schedule a personalized consultation, or call us at (916) 782-1188 to learn more!

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See if Direct Pressure Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is Right for Your California Home

Who says you have to get hardwood if you want gorgeous, durable floors in your Roseville area home? These days, luxury vinyl planks and direct pressure laminate give you the hardwood floor look at a fraction of the price; but which one is right for you: Laminate or Luxury Vinyl plank flooring? Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of each option.

Since laminate arrived in the United States in December of 1994, it has grown into a billion dollar per year industry and a very popular customer choice due to its proven durability, low price point and ability to look like real wood. Like luxury vinyl, it’s a synthetic material. It’s made in a wide array of qualities, depending on the manufacturer, using a beautiful décor design layer that is fused through direct pressure to medium to high density fiber boards. Some have been impregnated for extreme water resistance and some are even waterproof.


Laminate features some positive benefits that luxury vinyl does not. Let’s take look at where laminate stands out.

  • More Durable & Less Expensive

Laminates have been on the market longer than the newer luxury vinyl products. Consequently, there are literally dozens upon dozens of manufacturers competing for your business compared to just a handful of good luxury vinyl companies. This drives the price down on the material itself and is almost always less expensive than luxury vinyl planks or tiles. Laminates are actually more durable and cost less than luxury vinyl.

  • Proven Durability

For almost forty years worldwide, laminate has been the go to flooring choice for consumers who want the gorgeous look of real hardwood without the high price or maintenance concerns that real hardwood brings. Its proven durable décor finish is only rivaled by ceramic or porcelain tile for scratch resistance. When installed correctly, laminate is a great option for floors that will see a lot of foot traffic. Have small children or pets? Laminate is a smart choice.

  • Stain Proof

Even in direct sunlight, your new laminate floor will stay the same beautiful color for years to come. Paint won’t stain it. Chemicals won’t damage it. You can even clean laminate with acetone if for any reason something gets on the product that just wants to be stubborn and try and stick.

  • Fade Proof

One of the greatest features about laminate is that it won’t fade if area rugs are put on top of it or if it sits in direct sunlight. Your gorgeous new hardwood laminate look will perform for years to come.

  • Water Proof???

Actually, “some” manufacturers have made their laminates waterproof and not just water-resistant. You’ll want to ask your flooring specialist to point these options out to you. Now you get the durability along with being waterproof (on select brands).

  • Easy to Clean

Because of the durable décor layer on your new laminate flooring, you only need water and vinegar to clean. No need to “swash-buckle mop” your floor any more. Simply mist the floor with the water and vinegar mixture and wipe down till dry. Avoid using soaps or excess cleaners that leave build up. But hey, if you get soap build-up remember you can clean with acetone for a fresh start.

  • Laminate Adds Equity

Even the best trained realtor cannot tell the difference between a high-quality laminate and real hardwood. Consequently, good quality laminate increases the equity of your home where luxury vinyl usually won’t.


  • Water Resistant Laminates Vs. Water Proof

Because laminates are over 98% real hardwood with the durable direct pressure décor layer fused on top, most brands are susceptible to excess water that causes the joints to swell. From the beginning of time, laminates were never meant for that boat deck swash-buckling cleaning treatment. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, and you shouldn’t have issue — outside of a flood that is. Remember, there are waterproof laminates to choose from if you know you have a mud room or room right off the swimming pool. Laminates can be installed in every room of your home – from your high-use entry way to the very back bathroom and back up to the kitchen. If you have any concerns about water, just pick a waterproof color and enjoy your new floors.

  • Prone to Static Electricity Buildup

Unlike carpet, which disperses static electricity, laminate floors can actually cause it to increase. If you slide across a laminate floor in your socks, prepare to have your hair stand up!

  • Clickity-Clack

Too many laminate vendors sell and install their laminate floors with the cheapest laminate cushion available. These cheap foam cushions make your laminate go clickity-clack. If you choose not to upgrade your laminate cushion underlayment, prepare for a livelier sound in your home. However, put the right sound-deadening laminate cushion under your new flooring and all will be well in the world. You’ll get that desired “thumpity-thump” sound.

  • Laminate Can Scratch

Even though the direct pressure laminate décor fused layer is extremely durable and one of the hardest products to scratch on the market, nothing is scratch proof. Always use floor protectors on ALL your furniture. The beautiful thing about laminate, if it does scratch, is that the scratch only misshaped the surface. It will still be easy to clean unlike vinyl, which will trap the dirt.

Vinyl flooring may make you think of 80s-style kitchen tiles, peeling up from years of use, but the truth is that new and improved luxury vinyl planks give you the waterproof durability of vinyl with the look of natural materials.


  • Water Proof

Luxury vinyl planks are waterproof, making them an excellent option for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms. However, watch for lower tier vinyl planks, which will claim to be “water-resistant” instead of waterproof. If you’re adding vinyl to one of these water-prone areas, you definitely want a 100% waterproof brand, like CoreTec or Republic.


  • Sound Absorbent

By far, luxury planks are one of the quietest flooring options to choose from. Vinyl is inherently a sound-absorbent material which almost eliminates all excess noise. So while the floors look like real hardwood, you can avoid the echoes and clatter of walking across a real hardwood or laminate floor.


  • Watch Out for VOC

VOC, or Volatile Organic Compounds, is an airborne emission that is present in vinyl flooring. Prolonged exposure to VOC is linked to health concerns, especially for people with asthma. However, any reputable luxury vinyl brand will take steps to limit VOC in their planks to a safe level. Look for flooring brands that are GreenGuard or FloorScore certified.

  • Will Fade

Vinyl is almost guaranteed to fade in direct sunlight and especially when you put area rugs over the top of the urethane finishes. Vinyl can actually cup in direct sunlight where the heat just bears right down on the product.

  • Easier to Scratch than Laminate

Although luxury vinyls won’t shrink like they used to, they will most definitely scratch when furniture or something sharp is dragged across the surface. Always use floor protectors for both luxury vinyl and laminate…on everything.

  • Can Stain

Most luxury vinyl has a urethane finish that can be chemically altered with various cleaners or the wrong household product, causing what looks to be a stain. Take precautions and read the manufacturer’s care and cleaning guides.

  • Not As Budget Friendly

Luxury vinyl is more expensive than laminate due to the lack of good competition. It’s supply and demand at work. The only two main product lines more expensive are real hardwood or real tile.


  • Lots of Realistic Design Options

In the images featured in this article, could you tell if it was real hardwood or laminate or luxury vinyl for that matter? Both laminate and luxury vinyl have numerous design options to select from. Where laminate specializes in authentic wood looks, luxury vinyl has both wood and tile shades and patterns. An added bonus is that, because both products are high tech man-made materials, it’s easy to get it in tons of different shades and patterns, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect floor to fit with your décor.

  • Easy to Repair

In comparison to real hardwood that is either glued or nailed down, laminate and most luxury vinyl plank flooring is installed using the floating floor method with interlocking joints that can be easily unzipped, replace the damaged plank, and zipped back up together as if nothing ever happened. Very little mess or fuss in comparison to the old sand and finish hardwoods that required you out of that room for a couple of days with dust everywhere.

  • Fast and Easy Install

No awkward stickers here – both laminate and most luxury vinyl planks install by just clicking them together in place, with no glue required. Yet, there are still some very nice quality luxury vinyls than can be glued down for an even quieter feel. You can get the materials and install the flooring yourself or hire the flooring professionals to do it for you.

  • Easy Under Foot

Because laminate and vinyl are installed as a floating floor, the joints of your body will love you for taking it easy on them. There are now quiet underlayment cushions, installed underneath, that really cut down on that clickity-clack to make it more of a thumpity-thump and isn’t annoying like it used to be 20 years ago; and some luxury vinyls actually have cork attached to the back to deaden the sound.

The short of it is that both laminate and vinyl are terrific flooring options for any room in your home. If you’re still torn between the two, the best solution is to visit our flooring showroom and see both styles in person! To see our store hours or to schedule a personalized consultation with one of our flooring experts, visit our showroom page.

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Find the Carpet Solution that’s Right for Your California Home

Let’s talk carpet fibers. It’s not usually something you would even think to think about, but if you’re considering a carpet flooring installation in your Roseville area home, it’s a smart idea to know about the different options.

The most popular carpet fiber in the U.S. is nylon, a man-made material that was originally designed as a substitute for silk. The fiber didn’t quite catch on as an alternative for silk dresses, but it did stand out as a great option for carpet and rugs.

So is nylon the no-brainer choice for your next carpet purchase? Perhaps, but there are definitely benefits to both nylon and alternative fibers. So let’s dig deeper into what those benefits are…

Reasons to Love Nylon


The reason nylon never took off as a silk substitute is that it’s hard. The stiff material is inherently resistant to damage, so everyday wear and tear won’t have as much of an effect as it would on alternative fibers.

Soil Resistance

Dirt is every carpet’s enemy, but nylon has a better defense against it than most carpet fibers. Everyday soiling is less likely to penetrate the fibers and cause permanent stains. It’s not completely soil-proof like laminate or luxury vinyl planks would be, but it’s still a good choice.

Earth-friendly Colors

It’s important to choose carpet that complements the look and feel of your home. So if your interior design palette has a lot of natural tones and textures, you’re far better off with nylon than with a carpet fiber like polyester. That’s because polyesters typically have a shiny, artificial look and feel.


Reasons to Choose Alternative Fibers

Stain Resistance

The durable material of nylon keeps dirt from damaging the fiber, but it can still absorb liquids. So for areas where liquid spills might be a concern, you’ll find greater stain resistance in a material like polyester.


If you want to avoid a man-made, petroleum-based carpet, then a natural material such as wool or sisal might make sense for your home. Another solid choice is to go for carpet made of recycled materials. These carpeting options are typically pricier and may require more ongoing care, but they have a much lower carbon footprint.

Frequent Changes

Nylon will last for years and years to come, which is great if you’re looking for a long-term carpet flooring installation. But if you like to switch it up with your home décor every few years, it may make sense to choose a cheaper material that isn’t designed to stay looking great for a decade.

Of course, there’s no denying that one of the biggest factors when choosing carpet fiber is the feel of it. The best way to find a carpet flooring option that’s right for your home is to feel the different textures for yourself! You can get up close and personal with all the most popular carpet styles by visiting one of our California showrooms.

Click here to see our hours of operation and schedule an appointment with one of our flooring experts.

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