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Kids’ rooms continue to trend toward higher-end, more versatile designs that are capable of growing alongside the child. We spoke with interior designer Traci Zeller who offered her expertise on the modern day kids’ room.


Kids’ bedrooms are often, by necessity, multi-purpose spaces. Of course, the primary purpose of a child’s bedroom is a place to sleep, but that bedroom may also function as a child’s home office, library, play room and perhaps even media center. For that reason, flexible storage solutions are key for kids’ rooms. A desk can easily double as a bedside table or a vanity.


Kids are growing up faster and faster these days. Parents and kids are less interested in age-specific, theme-y rooms, and more interested in designs that can grow and evolve as the child does. It makes so much more sense to invest in high quality furniture, for example, that is appropriate from the toddler to the teenage years, rather than spend money on flimsy pieces that will barely survive elementary school. Another way is to utilize patterned fabrics that can adapt to a child’s changing preference of color or character or creature.


While staple palettes (pinks for girls and beiges for boys) continue to be a consistent request, light and white walls have become increasingly popular within kids rooms, as a flexible backdrop for the ever-changing preferences of a child.


Carpet remains a popular choice for kids’ rooms, due to its warm, comfortable and safe nature. For wall-to-wall carpeting, styles that mimic the look of natural fibers and stone will be gaining popularity in 2017 – a trend that’s reflective of increasingly popularity of incorporating organic and natural materials into design.

Diamond Sun by Bigelow offers the look of natural fibers, with the softness and stain-resistance of one of America’s top performing carpet brands. Our favorite colors for kids rooms: Sandcastle – a warm, jute-like beige, and Icebreaker – cooler taupe tone (pictured above, 2nd and 3rd swatch from top). Coastal Cruiser by Tigressa H2O showcases beautiful color striations that mimic the looks of natural materials like wood and stone, in a durable waterproof product fit for kids. Our top color choices: Nickel Dust – a cool slate color with hints of rose, and Cobweb – a warm wood-like tone (pictured above, 1st and 4th swatch from the top).

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Accessories are the finishing touches in your home. Pillows, artwork, photos, mirrors, rugs, vases and collectibles are the pieces that make a room feel complete, finished and personalized. Follow the below tips to make the most of your accessories and create a beautifully finished room.

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Spring is well underway, which means it’s time to rid your home of those winter layers and refresh. The following Spring Refresh Checklist has simple ideas for getting your home springtime ready.

✓ Lighter and Brighter

Add springtime hues to your home. A simple swap out of pillows, poufs or paintings is a simple way to incorporate seasonally-appropriate color within a space. Feel like making a bigger impact? Paint a room with a fresh new color, like Pantone’s color of the year – Greenery.

✓ Shed Layers

Be on the lookout for those warmer layers that have built up over the winter. We’re talking those cozy throws, pillows and fauxs that kept your warm during the winter. Be sure to clean everything before packing them away for the season, so they’re fresh and ready come next year. For extra fluffy items, vacuum bags can help you save on storage space.

✓ Stain Patrol

More time indoors could mean more messes and stains. Take a look around for stains on flooring and upholstery that you may have missed during the winter months. Or maybe even some holiday stains you haven’t gotten around to. Make a list of items that need to be cleaned and check them off a few at a time.

For pesky carpet stains, check out the Stain First Aid App for easy instructions on over 50 of the most common household stains.

✓ Closet Purge

Whether it’s your closet or your home’s mudroom, it’s time to let go of winter clothing and accessories. Before packing everything away, take time to purge any items you didn’t wear or use over the winter season. Likewise, take a look at your spring and summer items to see if there’s anything you no longer need or will use. We promise, you’ll be delighted at the space you create for a few fresh new things!

✓ Treat Yourself

Get something for your home that you truly love. Whether it’s a piece of art that makes you happy or a new sofa that looks as good as it feels. Even one small addition to your room – if you truly love it – can fresh the whole space. Read. Set. Refresh! Spring is here, so kick off those cozy slippers and get ready to refresh your home.

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Make Accent Walls Pop with Wood Paneling

Forget accent paint colors or wallpaper. If you really want a focal point for a room, consider going for a wall treatment that adds texture and style: wall planks. Fans of interior design magazines or HGTV shows have probably seen wall planks cropping up a lot lately. There’s a reason for this! Upgrading a standard wall with wood paneling is a cost-effective way to make that area pop, and with our flooring installation services, adding wall planks to your Roseville home or business is a quick and simple process.



Few things say “country” or “shabby chic” quite like wood accents. You could brighten up the walls with whitewashed, picket fence-style planks, enhance a “cabin in the woods” look with a rich brown wood, or go for a specific stain/color that matches the rest of your home’s décor.


While wall planks might bring up visions of country homes in your mind, that’s not necessarily the vibe you have to go with. Darker, smooth planks can go a long way toward complementing a modern design. And what could be a more modern look than turning a traditional flooring installation on its side?



Of course, you can put wood planks anywhere you want, but if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration for the best ways to use this interior design style, here are some ideas:


Your TV is probably already the focal point for your living or media room, so why not make it pretty to look at? Some wood paneling and a professional TV installation will turn a standard home entertainment system into something truly slick.


A coffee bar is one of those elements of a home that many people wish they had, but few people actually implement. If you’re looking for a way to infuse personality into your home, then do yourself a favor and use wood paneling to define that area.


Swap the standard headboard for something clean and simple: a floor-to-ceiling wood paneling treatment.


Wood and fireplaces – they’re a perfect match. Especially for homes with a fireplace that doesn’t quite seem to fit into the space, you can use paneling to define the area. Just make sure you choose wall planks that are heat-resistant!

Want more inspiration? As part of our wall and flooring installation services, we can provide recommendations on the best home improvement and design options for your property.


While it’s possible to DIY a wood plank wall using pallets or shiplap, there are definitely some drawbacks to doing so:

  1. The wood (especially pallet wood) may have been treated with insect repellants and chemicals that cause the planks to be unsafe for indoor residential use.
  2. The wood is often damaged, warped, and chipped, and those irregularities will show up quite clearly for the final result.
  3. You’ll need to find the studs in the wall and make sure that each plank is anchored appropriately for safety (and then cover up all the nails from installation).

None of those drawbacks are insurmountable, but there is an alternative method that we recommend: Wallplanks. Wallplanks is a product developed by From the Forest, a Wisconsin-based company that manufactures engineered hardwood. Their wood paneling product is particularly neat because of how easy it is to install: literally peel and stick. The planks come with heavy-duty adhesive on the back of each panel, so you don’t need to worry about nailing it in. Just line it up properly and press against the wall.

Of course, whether you opt for Wallplanks or another wood paneling product, you can always call up RCO for our flooring installation services – they apply just as much to walls as they do to floors. We can handle the design, installation, and maintenance of any wall paneling treatment you want in your home. To learn more about the different options, feel free to give us a call at (916) 782-1188 or schedule a consultation at one of our showrooms.

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