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Bathroom countertops must play the demanding role of serving as the ever-busy morning rush hour work surface that must stand up to water, cosmetics, and soap. On top of that, they must remain durable and also nice looking. The countertop you get for your new bathroom must also be the connecting and focal point where everything such as your tile wall and cabinets meets. This highlights why choosing the best countertop is important.

Granite or Marble

Beautiful, long-lasting, and stain resistant, granite is the crème-de-la-crème of countertops. It’s not only the easiest to clean but the most durable among all natural stone materials used in making countertops. While relatively expensive, granite has an elegant look that is truly unique.

On the other side, marble has graced homes for centuries because of its gracefulness typically associated with class, privilege, and wealth. Marble is long lasting and can go with every bathroom style. It’s also very strong and will resist most chips or dents.

Quartz or Engineered Stone

Quartz ranks among the most bountiful and hardest natural minerals available. Quartz countertops are usually made with 90% organic quartz with the rest 10% coming from resin, pigments, and recycled content. Some people will even swear that quartz has better looks than granite. It’s available in a broad range of vibrant tones, and never requires polishing or sealing. Perhaps the best thing about quartz is that it’s moisture, bacteria, and scratch resistant. It can, however, be quite expensive.


Once considered old-fashioned by most home designers, today laminate is thought as one of the best countertop options if the budget is a concern. Available in a wide selection of finishes that include some that resemble granite or other solid surfaces, laminate is a great choice because of the versatility of the material. It’s relatively stain-proof and stands up to water quite well, and doesn’t dent, dull or burn.

Solid-Surface Materials

Designed to imitate natural stone, solid surface countertops are growing in popularity. Known by their brand names such as Staron, Corian, Avonite and Gilbraltar, these easy-to-maintain synthetic materials can be molded to suit your design specification. If you are concerned about mildew or mold, these solid-surface countertops are a good option. They are non-porous, and their hypoallergenic surfaces deter the growth of such allergens.


Countertops made with concrete stone are an inexpensive bathroom option. They make an attractive choice that allows fabrication flexibility to fit your bathroom. In addition, they can be of any color you choose. Concrete countertops are also extremely durable.

Glass Countertop

A glass countertop gives your bathroom a contemporary flair. Glass is easy to clean, stylish, and durable. Because it’s not porous, glass doesn’t require sealing.

Choosing the best bathroom countertop is typically a matter of the materials used, the style, ease-of-cleaning, and your budget. But you also need to pick a countertop that’s functional and nice looking.

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