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Kitchen countertops have a demanding role to play. This is where all food preparation is done and yet they are expected to be beautiful and durable. We not only want them scratch-proof, stain-proof, and heat-proof but also economical.

With the many kitchen countertop options available today, you need to consider several factors in making your final decision. These include, but not limited to materials, colors, sizes, styles, and finishes.

Things to consider include but not limited to:

Contrasting Color or Patterned Countertops

If you want to make a bold kitchen statement, go for a countertop in a sharp, lively color. Although some of the popular options include oranges, yellows, and lime green, choosing black or white countertops could also be a bold choice of color just like a yellow choice, depending on your kitchen. The trick is to bring out the contrast.

If you want a countertop that really stands out, select a color that stands out from the kitchen cabinetry. If you are planning to get the contemporary minimalist sleek cabinets, consider adding countertops patterned visuals.

Pure White in Color

Many fear the challenges associated with white colors especially, in a busy kitchen environment. But a pure white countertop made with materials like Ceaserstone or Corian brings a minimalist, contemporary freshness that natural stone could never hope to match. Luckily, these two materials resist stains quite well, so your countertop stays a crisp white for many years with minimal care.

The stark look of pure white works wonderfully in contemporary spaces. The severity associated with a true white may appear to fight the traditional decor, yet in a modern kitchen, it will feel appropriately crisp. This is particularly effective in small spaces like compact condo kitchens, where you can pair it with white minimalist cabinets to give an illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Neutral Tones

The mid-century styles and bright bold hues are gradually losing their prime place in the modern kitchen to the more laid back countertop tones. You are now more likely to see soft whites, grays or beige tones instead of a jet black or bright blue countertop. The focus now is more on highlighting some captivating individual components against neutral backgrounds. You might, therefore, find a beige countertop, against a ceiling-high backsplash mosaic pattern backsplash.

Two-Tone Countertops

For a high-design, custom look, go two different surfaces for your kitchen countertop. This was once the exclusive of bakers and chefs who preferred having a cold marble countertop section for rolling dough and a stainless steel end for the other activities. Today, it’s accepted as something cool in a modern kitchen.

Thick Slab Countertop

The latest trend to emerge in contemporary kitchen design is the thick slab countertop. While the majority of countertops are typically normally 2 inches in thickness, choosing a countertop that is 3 to 5” exudes an anchored, stately look. Remember that the heights of your cabinets need to be adjusted accordingly to make up for the increased height of the thicker countertops.

Today, it’s very possible to beautifully perk up your new kitchen with the best countertop without draining the bank account. The market has plenty of affordable products you can buy and get that high-end kitchen look. Technology and engineering have made it all possible and the above options are just a tip of the iceberg!

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