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Besides being durable and practical, your kitchen floor is also a major design statement about your home. The flooring you choose impacts every other aspect of your kitchen and home design. Today, with the endless list of materials, textures, and colors that are available, your choices are many when it comes to choosing the best flooring for a kitchen.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring will look good in any space and increases the real estate value. A kitchen is not any different. For hardwood flooring, the options are solid wood or engineered wood. Engineered hardwood is, in particular, very durable which makes it an excellent choice for the kitchen, arguably the busiest room in your entire house. It’s able to withstand high traffic as well as the messes associated with the kitchen. And since engineered hardwood is moisture resistant, any spills can simply be wiped off.

Laminated Floors

This ranks among the most common types of floorings used in kitchens. Laminated floors are generally highly resistant to wear and tear as well as to stains. If you decide on this type of kitchen flooring, you will have a broad range of finishes to choose from. This includes wood, slate, and even marble. These types of floors require practically zero maintenance as they are moisture-resistant. You can even have them laid directly over an existing surface. A good and cost-effective alternative would be high-pressured plastic laminates.

Vinyl Floors

Similar to laminated flooring, these types of floorings also imitate different types of surfaces such as cement, metal, wood, and stone. Vinyl floors are highly water-resistant and you can have them laid on top of your existing floor. You can achieve a very realistic texture by printing a digital image directly onto the vinyl surface. You can also install underfloor heating with a vinyl floor.


This is among the most hygienic, scratch-resistant, and durable flooring options available today. It requires practically nil maintenance and thanks to technological breakthroughs, ceramic tiles have evolved greatly to offer an extensive range of textures and finishes. Porcelain can handle any splatter, spill, or indeed any mess and all you need is a simple mop. This is an excellent choice for a busy kitchen.


Cork is not only resilient but waterproof making it a good choice for your new kitchen. Being a textured surface, cork offers some slip resistance. Cork floorings are made using tree bark that will grow back making it a sustainable material. However, it comes prefinished and needs resealing every 3 to 4 years to prevent stains and scratches.


If you want an eco-friendly kitchen flooring option, then go for linoleum floors. Made from natural materials, linoleum floorings are not only affordable but also biodegradable, and stain and water resistant. They are also notable for being anti-bacterial, anti-static and have fire-retardant attributes, besides being very easy to maintain and clean.

Kitchen floors are central to what goes on in your house. They have a big role to play and must withstand lots of foot traffic, constant shrug spills, and stains, and yet must look great. That is why we have selected the above as they form some of the best kitchen floorings available today.

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