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Kitchen cabinetry is not simply a place to store your utensils. It is a critical element to the kitchen’s style. Your cabinetry should be the pivotal element that brings every aspect of your kitchen together. Cabinet designs have not changed dramatically over the last couple of years in comparison to other elements such as floorings or countertops. However, there are still several transformations that have been happening in kitchen cabinet hardware over time.

Enabled by emerging technology, new kitchen hardware products are responding to the ever growing and changing user expectations. From modern and sleek to ornate and classic, new trends in cabinet hardware can truly refresh how your kitchen looks.

Minimal Cabinet Hardware

Though cabinet materials are, in fact, going more traditional, cabinet hardware seems to be virtually disappearing. On the rise are seamless cabinets, along with laid back subtle edge pulls allowing cabinet doors and other kitchen features like the countertop to shine! The days of the over-the-top brass cabinet hardware seem to be fading as people go for prominent marble countertops and less on cabinet hardware.

Mixed Hardware

Mixing and matching knobs and handles is becoming very trendy, adding visual interest to your kitchen. You can opt for one style of hardware for the upper kitchen cabinets and a different style for the lower cabinets, or even different styles for the drawers. If you want to be bolder, try mix finishes.

Another emerging trend is replacing upper cabinets with glass or metal shelving. This is perhaps inspired by what is happening in retail places and hotel. This is adding to the overall bold statement of your kitchen; in a way countering the move towards minimalism that we have just described earlier in this article.

Decorative Features

In the 1800s and early 1900s, often the kitchen was located in a completely detached building, but the kitchen of today is a part of the main home, an extension of the living space. Today, decorative elements have been incorporated into cabinetry to give the kitchen that ‘wow’ factor. Pilasters, posts, hoods, pilasters, capitals, corbels, valances, and wainscoting are just several of the many decorative accessories and features being used for more impact in the kitchen.

Every modern kitchen needs, on the minimum, one focal point if it’s to look unique. If all the other features mentioned above are not your thing, try a large wood hood system. It will make a stunning kitchen style statement.

Multiple Finish Colors

Many homeowners have started incorporating colored cabinets in their kitchens, gradually moving away from the traditional all-white cabinetry. Homeowners, thanks to technology, now have access to a near endless list of finish colors as well as applying techniques. From weathered gray to warm browns, the choices are truly mind-boggling. You might opt to have the upper kitchen cabinets finished in white while the base cabinetry gets a natural wood treatment.

Over recent years, kitchen cabinetry has witnessed or undergone more changes compared to any other period or other aspects of the kitchen. Generally, the trend seems to be moving towards personalization. 

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