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Plumbing may not be among the most interesting areas in a home, but the fact is that it’s everywhere from your kitchen sink, faucets, the bathtubs, your laundry area including how you heat the water used in the house. Specialty fixtures are on the rise in kitchen plumbing. In what is generally a sea of white and grays, different plumbing fixtures and decorative hardware are what will make your kitchen stand out.

Here are several awesome new plumbing fixtures and trends to watch out for that have the potential of making your kitchen more efficient, better-looking and certainly more hygienic.


If you’re planning a new kitchen or remodel, consider going for the trendy drop-in sink. The sink is designed to “drop” into a hole that has been cut out of your kitchen countertop. The sink lip or rim will rest on the top of your countertop with the faucet mounted directly on the sink ledge.

These trendy drop-in-sinks are compatible with all designs of countertops, including the equally trendy laminate. These types of sinks are easy to install as they are mounted above the countertop and are available in diverse styles. Additionally, the trend is towards single-bowl larger sinks that range between 30 and 33 inches in width.

Apron Front Kitchen Sinks

The popularity resurgence of the apron front kitchen sinks may be partly attributed to the farmhouse design trend. Something about these deep kitchen sinks undoubtedly evokes memories and notions of romantic country living. Apron front sinks also add a unique focal point to a kitchen irrespective of its design or style. You can access these sinks in numerous colors that include eye-catching nickel or hammered copper. Apron sinks are living the adage “old is new again”.

Colored Faucets

Contemporary styles in faucets are proliferating but they are not limited to only classic finishes of stainless steel, chrome, and nickel. For those who seek something unique besides the traditional faucet looks, you now have some newer looks with a diversity of rich colors to consider for your kitchen. In fact, a color movement is afoot, with designers making a huge splash by making amazing faucets such as gold-tone finishes.

Pull-Down Faucets

Pull-down faucets are winning the battle over 2-handle and pull-out kitchen faucet styles: They are not only offering increased functionality such as pause options and spray features but they are truly helping in simplifying common kitchen tasks. They also come with taller designs giving you additional room to accommodate large pans and pots beneath the faucet.

Sensor Faucets

It’s rather ironic that, for a long time, the kitchen faucet has been both the cause as well as the solution for the general spread of germs not just in the kitchen but elsewhere. In the heat of preparing a meal, it’s almost impossible for a cook who is time-pressed to avoid contaminating the kitchen faucet due to the direct hand contact as they work. Realizing this, manufacturers have been working on touchless faucets that are sensor-driven.

Lastly, remember, that modern kitchen plumbing is an awesome way of making your kitchen great and trendy. Don’t shy away from trying new finishes or mixing finishes and implementing new trends.

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