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Your bathroom is, more than anything else, a functional space. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot make a design statement with your bathroom. Today, people are no longer simply looking at the bathroom as a mere utilitarian space. It’s now more of an experiential space, a place of convenience and luxury. And nothing helps you achieve that more than keeping tabs on the latest design trends. The bathtub is one bathroom component that is witnessing changes.

Big Bathtubs

While the Jacuzzi styled bathtubs may not be as popular as they were, today, people are shifting to other styles of large tubs. The bigger your bathtub, the more relaxation space you will have. You deserve a place where you can wind down after laboring all day, and nothing does that better than getting into a modern big bathtub.

Deep soaker tubs are gradually taking over in today’s bathrooms. For example, the Infinity Bath from Vern Yip is literally turning your bathroom into a spa with its overflowing bath. This effervescent bathtub comes with an extra-deep reservoir that features chromatherapy lighting and the luxury of continuous flowing water.

Freestanding Tub

Perhaps the popularity of the modern walk-in shower and the amenities associated with showers had sidelined the bathtub for a while. But people are once again craving to get a relaxing, long soak in a tub. And whether it’s the love of the unique sculptural shapes, the freestanding tub is definitely back.

Today’s freestanding bathtubs are no longer pushed to a corner in the bathroom. They are now accepted as an important focal point in any bathroom, bringing a touch of sparkle into your space. Remember, a freestanding tub is not the preserve of vast bathrooms, nor must they have the space consuming claw-foot style popular decades ago; you can customize according to the space you have!

Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs are not only stylish but very functional. Walk-in tubs are designed in a way that allows even people with reduced physical mobility to enjoy their bathtub experience. The Serenite model, for example, comes with an air bath system, a great feature for users with diabetes or any other type of circulatory problem.

Return of Victorian Vibes

We seem to be digging back into the luxurious of past years by bringing back the Victorian vibes of grand designs and other Victorian-inspired schemes. The majestic and shapely freestanding tub of that gone era is once again making into the new bathroom. The eye-popping ball-and-claw feet are literally a sight to behold in a modern bathroom.
Integrated Technology

Lighting isn’t the only bathroom element that’s racing fast to the future. Technology integration has now become part of trending bathroom designs. For example, bathtubs now have smart controls for bathroom lighting, instant water temperature management and much more.

Refreshing your bathroom doesn’t mean undertaking a total overhaul. A simple upgrade of what you are currently using might do. How about changing that old bathtub for a newer more comfortable and bigger tub!

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