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Why Should I Buy Nylon Carpet vs. Alternative Fibers?

Find the Carpet Solution that’s Right for Your California Home

Why Should I Buy Nylon Carpet vs. Alternative Fibers?

Let’s talk carpet fibers. It’s not usually something you would even think to think about, but if you’re considering a carpet flooring installation in your Roseville area home, it’s a smart idea to know about the different options. 

The most popular carpet fiber in the U.S. is nylon, a man-made material that was originally designed as a substitute for silk. The fiber didn’t quite catch on as an alternative for silk dresses, but it did stand out as a great option for carpet and rugs. 

So is nylon the no-brainer choice for your next carpet purchase? Perhaps, but there are definitely benefits to both nylon and alternative fibers. So let’s dig deeper into what those benefits are…

The Better Way to Buy Area Rugs

Cut Out the Stress with Our New Approach

The Better Way to Buy Area Rugs

Buying area rugs can be tough. There are so many pitfalls that can occur throughout the process. First, you have to find a custom area rug store in the Roseville, California area. How do you sift through all of the thousands of options available? How long will it take to get your carpet to the fabricator to create your new custom area rug?  Then, what happens if the binding isn’t right? What happens when what you receive isn’t what you ordered? Who holds the warranty for the rug – the carpet store, the fabricator or the manufacturer, or is there a warranty at all?

None of those scenarios sound like an enjoyable buying experience! What if we could fix it all?

Why Should Carpet One Change Their Name?

The Need for Rebranding for this Top-Rated Flooring Company

Why Should Carpet One Change Their Name?

Let’s go back to 1985. Back to the Future and Rocky IV have just been released, Michael Jordan has just been named as the NBA's "Rookie of the Year," and carpet is the biggest home trend. You could find brightly colored, plush carpet in every room of the home! Wood floors? Yeah right – carpet is where it’s at.

That was the year Carpet One got their start.

If you’re not too familiar with Carpet One, they’re the top-rated flooring company in the United States. Yes, all flooring styles – not just carpet.

We love Carpet One. They brought small mom and pop shops into a national family in a way that provides the best quality products while also preserving local communities. And it’s no wonder that the Carpet One brands would grow like wildfire. Unfortunately, we grew so fast, we didn’t recognize that the name Carpet One would run its course.

Back to School: The Perfect Time to Update Your Carpet

Without the Kids Underfoot, You Can Update What’s Under Your Feet

Back to School: The Perfect Time to Update Your Carpet

As the summer break comes to an end and the kids head back to school, it’s time to get to those home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off. If your flooring is dingy or outdated, take this opportunity to give your Chico, California home a fresh new look with a carpet flooring installation. The kids will be out of the way, leaving you to get that unwanted flooring out of the house and some fresh new carpet in its place.

While we’re big fans of flooring options like hardwood and tile, there’s still a lot to love about carpet! Here are a few of the top benefits: