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Rely on California Renovation in Chico, CA as your esteemed tile destination. We boast decades of expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality selection. Our seasoned team stands poised to assist you in selecting the quintessential tiles for your project. Whether beginning a kitchen upgrade or a bathroom transformation, our expansive collection offers many styles, hues, and materials to fulfill your aspirations. From enduring ceramic classics to porcelain masterpieces and beyond, we curate a collection tailored to your tastes.

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With tile, you can make cherished memories without worrying about your floors. Picture your children playing pirates in the bathroom or cooking together in the kitchen, all without fear of spills or scratches. With our exquisite tile offerings, you're not just investing in peace of mind but indulging in unrivaled durability and resilience against water, stains, and wear. Tailored for high-traffic areas and moisture-prone spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, our tiles marry functionality with elegance. Whether adorning your floors or gracing your walls with stunning backsplashes or showers, our diverse array of colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes ensures your space reflects your unique style. From classic ceramic to sleek porcelain and timeless natural stone, our curated selection promises the perfect tile solution to elevate your home.


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